About MIX

The Concept:

Educational institutions have been doing it for decades, rolling out the academic schedule at the start of the term. We’ve taken this functional application, applied it to three years of attendee feedback (CDX 1.0 and 2.0, Mobiworld, IForum and company workshops), and plugged in tons of event execution experience.

The outcome is a new concept in personal learning for folks who are interested in tapping into a knowledge resource on a continuing basis. The Caribbean Marketing Innovation Experience – MIX, is a series of workshops, webinars, networking sessions and conferences spanning 2014; covering topics in marketing, advertising and business strategies.

What’s in the MIX:

1) The same quality mix (see what we did there?) of global-class speakers & local practitioners people associate with Caribbean Ideas events.

2) Customized, Personalized. Pick the sessions that are relevant to you and your organization.

3) Hands-on. Get interactive at our workshops and walk away with specific learning and plans.

4) Amazing Insights. Get hands-on at our workshops, get the big ideas at our leadership seminar.

5) Comprehensive. MIX gives you workshops, a leadership seminar, webinars, blog posts, video resources and more.

MIX formula