Who’s behind the MIX

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Caribbean Ideas

“We love the Caribbean. We love technology and innovation. We believe deeply in the power of web, mobile, social media and data to move the Caribbean world forward.”

Caribbean Ideas Ltd. is based in Trinidad & Tobago, and was co-founded by Chike Farrell, a former Microsoft employee and MIT Sloan MBA alum, and Brevard Nelson an experienced former corporate communications manager of regional financial services powerhouse Guardian Holdings.

With a vision of using digital technology to positively impact the Caribbean world, the company has evolved rapidly from October 2010 when the co-founders made their goal of working in the entrepreneurial business full-time a reality.

Caribbean Ideas today has two distinct primary business lines:

1. Digital Business Solutions: The company works with some of the Caribbean’s most recognizable brands across industries from telecommunications (TSTT), retail or retail food service (KFC, Cold Stone), financial services (Colfire), energy (BP Trinidad & Tobago) and more. From multinationals to the largest local companies, Caribbean Ideas combines services like digital strategy, web development, social media management, data and analytics or more.

2. Knowledge & Connections: This newest division of the organization is focused on bringing cutting edge business learning to the most progressive Caribbean leaders in marketing and communications, as well as to the region’s young entrepreneurs and innovators.

Experimental and aggressive at heart, the company is constantly finding ways to reinvent methods, initiatives and activities in the pursuit of excellence and impact.

Learn more about Caribbean Ideas at our website http://caribbeanideas.com or reach out to us if you’d like to talk further.