Who’s in the MIX


CDX1_attendeesWe’re lucky enough to have seen you up close and personal if you know what we mean.

Between our digital solutions business and the over 1,000 people who have attended Caribbean Ideas conferences and events in the last 2.5 years we’ve come to learn a lot about the Caribbean’s best and brightest marketing leaders:

1) Demand Cutting Edge Insights & Local Relevance: You work hard to keep up with the latest global trends and insights, and think hard about how they may impact you in the local context.

breakout3 2) Results-driven: You’re up the ladder or climbing the ladder. Which means you’re about bottom-line results. You want to know how to get them, and keep getting them

3) Time-Pressed: Tons going on, all kinds of demands on your time. You need solutions that fit with your life, whether business or personal.