Brandwagonists vs. Brand Loyalists

Brandwagonists vs. Brand Loyalists

Post World Cup 2014 tabanca has set in for many, brands and fans alike. The #WorldCup2014 #hashtag #craze across twitter has simmered and settled like jam, thick with tweets and retweets and hashflags and photos and memes. Sweet with user data across brands and businesses and ready to be spread across marketing plans in H2.

Jam like many sweet things, tends to attract ants. Hordes of them, enticed by the aroma of fruit and spices. A similar scenario plays out with brands. Toss up a promotion, sweeten it with a few gift cards, a couple vouchers and free product. Now sit back and watch as they flock to your page in droves, scratching the surface of your Like button in the process, dipping already sticky fingers into the pot and effectively souring the goodness of the offering meant for your true fans. In keeping with their nature, they retreat to the hunting grounds of their news feeds, after toting off the spoils of your feast.

The ants of social media are Brandwagonists. You know who they are, they’re the folks who prowl news feeds looking for brand pages to Like, get Engaged only when you announce that you’re running a promotion or when there’s a giveaway, and would only visit your offline establishments to cash in on their winnings.

Here’s what they look like


Promotions, like making jam, takes a lot of work. Once you have an understanding of the social media environment you’re operating in and the inhabitants that are native to each territory, you can tailor your approach to ensure you attract the right attention.

Gone are the days where you reward all and sundry for a once in a lifetime tap on your like button. Community managers must now consider what other initiatives could be employed to ensure that they are engaging with the right audiences and that their most loyal fans are the ones who are reaping the rewards of this interaction.

Layering on a cross section of inbound marketing strategies to your approach should help you to extend your customer reach and to identify the fans who are engaged with your brand. It’s also time to stop making your only call to action – Like our page! Brand loyalists will find you once you make yourself visible, join your communities and engage in conversation around your products and services. They’ll be anxious to find out what’s happening with you and how best you can serve them.

Next time you’re planning a promotion think about jam, and try to restructure your contests to ensure that you’re not rewarding brandwagonists by making it easy for them to tote off your winnings. Factor in elements that bring you closer to finding out details about your loyalists and which would allow you to re-engage them around specific product or service offerings that they would appreciate. Think about ways to treat your brand loyalists like the ambassadors that they are and reward them for that. As for jam, can only suggest you replace the cover quickly and secure tightly after use.


July 24th, 2014

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