The Realm of Reach

The Realm of Reach

Realm of ReachIn the battle of the brands, it’s increasingly important to ensure that you stand out in the crowd. The Realm of Reach is all about discovering how you can use customer data to develop better, more targeted advertising that drives results.

For marketers interested in conquering this kingdom, you’d need to learn how to navigate the dynamics of

  1. Efficient Campaign Development 
  2. Effective use of Advertising Resources
  3. Management of your Advertising Budgets
  4. Increasing your ROI



Battles in the Realm of Reach are fought daily over the airwaves, in print media and increasingly across social channels. For marketers and advertisers to survive they need an arsenal of dynamic, integrated campaigns that can capture the attention of their audiences and engage them. A seasoned warrior in the augmented reality space will deliver learnings around leveraging interactive solutions to entice your customers and excite them around your offerings.



August 8th, 2014

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